Free guided mindfulness exercises & book

Helping people and communities to mindfully own well-being

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What to expect; guided practices include:

  • Mindful enquiry – noticing how we feel
  • Breathing mindfully 
  • Bodyscan
  • Mindful movement
  • Mindfulness of thoughts
  • Dealing with difficulty
  • Generating kindness
  • Gratitude


This mindful community project is funded by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, to provide wellbeing support through free mindful resources to people like you.

The mindful practices available can help manage stress, anxiety and depression as well as to support overall mental health and wellbeing. The free resources are aimed at everyone, regardless of if you’ve used mindfulness before, and the free book helps support the understanding and experience of the benefits of mindful exercises.

You can access the mindful practices on your preferred device, so the guided exercises can help you find what works well for you when using mindfulness, and we will post the book to your preferred address.

We will send you will a link via email for free access to the mindful practices online, and send the free book via post (we ask that you cover the cost of P&P only) 

We have adapted the mindfulness exercises from the 8-week standard course material used in our previous community projects, and organised the content so it’s easy to follow online and take in regardless of our learning styles, needs and any level of previous understanding and experience.

Guided mindful exercises
You can follow on your preferred device
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Different mindful practices to try
And a free book to guide understanding and experience
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Combined RRP £97.98
Free today (we ask you pay only P&P for the book)
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From anonymous monitoring of our previous mindful community projects and programmes, 96% of participants’ scores for indicators of anxiety, stress or depression were lower after taking part.

There are continued efforts to research more thoroughly into the benefits and effects of mindfulness, that has included lowered blood pressure and improved sleep as well as improvements in mental health and wellbeing.

Costs of accessing accredited mindfulness vary greatly, but you can enrol for free now and find out more with unlimited access to the guided exercises.

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