Working With the Mind Free Workshop Series

Working With the Mind offer a free series of workshops to develop the understanding and experience of mindfulness, whatever our background

Mindfully you

Working With the Mind: balancing family and everyday life – FREE WORKSHOP


Whether you’re new to Working With the Mind, or have previous experience of mindfulness (or similar) practices this workshop will:

  • Develop your own understanding and experience, and cut through the spiritual and sometimes abstruse nature of all things ‘of the mind’
  • Introduce some practices to adapt into home-life in less formal ways
  • Deepen the understanding of the principles of mindfulness-based practices
  • Include guided exercises to follow during the workshop, for all levels of experience. (We will provide a free guided audio series episode, for you to re-use and follow in your own time.)
  • Introduce the WWTM community, and further free resources to access
  • Provide much more resources,  exclusive offers and ongoing support!

As it has been said; our life is shaped by our mind. It is by working with the mind that we become aware of, and can adjust the effects of our mind in life.”

— WWTM C.I.C Founder, Mat Ward


Before joining the workshop grab a pen and paper, and think on the following questions:

Is it difficult at times to balance family, responsibility and the various duties of life?

Does it sometimes feel like some areas of life are not getting the attention needed, because there’s only so much attention we can give away?

If you had some more time and energy just for yourself, would it be easier to deal with the challenges that arise in family/daily life?


In the WWTM workshop: Balancing family and everyday life, we take you through the simple steps of a process to get the better of the time we have, ensure that some focus on our-self is achievable without detriment to our family, duties and responsibilities, and how to most effectively navigate the inevitable difficulty faced along the way!


Working With the Mind C.I.C. started as a Social Enterprise with a single mission; to support people and communities to understand and experience the benefits mindfulness-based practices can have for them. We are not-for-profit, and use the proceeds from all our paid-for services to develop and run community projects, and to donate to charity

The WWTM free workshop series is designed to make mindfulness less weird and wonderful, and more acceptable and accessible to people from all walks of life and backgrounds. In this series of workshops we offer:

  • free support
  • guidance on how to access further information
  • exclusive offers
  • support to develop your own understanding and experience of the mind

Whatever our position in life, Working With the Mind can be easily adapted to our routines and needs, and have profound and powerful results!

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