Thanks so much for helping with our questionnaire!

Whatever your previous understanding and experience of mindfulness (lots or none), we’re keen to hear about what people notice about difficulty in general; and not necessarily to understand specifically what’s happened to you personally and your family situation (so don’t worry about detailed repsonses!)

We have run mindfulness-based community projects to positive effect over 2019, and are looking to adapt the principles of these successful programmes to be more accessible to family environments. Your feedback will support this greatly, so once again thank you!

We are the Working With the Mind C.I.C, a mindfulness-based social enterprise, running a survey of how we pay attention to different and challenging parts of family life.

There are 10 questions on our awareness/response and interaction within our family unit, and 5 structured as feedback on a paragraph of text taken from one of our services. The survey should not take longer than 10-15 minutes, is completely anonymous, and once submitted we will send you access to the free workshop and guided mindfulness-based audio series as a thank you for taking part!

Please note that family, and our awareness of our-self can be an emotive issue! There are always struggles and difficulties that arise from time to time for each of us individually, and within every family. If there are any questions that are overwhelming, or that bring up very difficult thoughts and feelings don’t feel you have to provide an in-depth analysis of this. It maybe helpful to think about how any challenges have been managed, what family members and you have done/said in dealing with them – and what you’ve noticed about how this feels/what thoughts come to mind etc.
Family isn’t always easy, and neither is honestly looking at ourselves, and how we engage with others – so please, if this exercise is an any way uncomfortable try and be aware of this. Don’t take part if it is going to cause too much turmoil! I know for me the journey of family, and my self-development have most certainly gone hand-in-hand! It’s always helpful to have some resilience against our-self when we’re down about the difficulty we face, and how we and others have dealt with this, and some resilience against what arises in life when it’s overwhelming and challenging.

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