Our efforts

Proceeds from our membership services, publications and training courses support our community mindfulness projects, and also cover annual donations to the Mindful Communities Foundation, a UK charity that runs mindfulness-based support programmes for vulnerable people and communities.

By using Working With the Mind you are actively contributing to good causes and mindful community programmes – THANK YOU.

Working With the Mind C.I.C donates to a UK-charity that funds and develop community mindfulness-based programmes. This all started with the Mindfulness in Prisons Project, and a project for sheltered families – both social enterprise run programmes for mental health and well-being using mindfulness-based approaches.

We were there at the birth of the programme, and we’re now working to support the Mindful Communities Foundation to continue to develop on the early work of these projects.

You can access the 2019 Project Report below, and contact us via the form at the bottom of the page for more info


100% of the proceeds from our books, courses, retreats and workshops fund mindfull community projects locally and online.

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