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Community, not organisations, teams or health services, should be at the heart of mental health care and well-being support. We believe in improving healthcare funding routes, so resources reach those that can benefit from services in the community and not just cover referrals and high expense cases. 

Children, young people and adults who need mental health and well-being support, whether through well-being workshops, family sessions, counselling and therapy can access it within the community, where it matters most and costs the least


We are raising funds for a counsellor and therapist to deliver mental health and well-being support to children and young people in school and college. School Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) only reach one third of schools and colleges, and young people face increased change and uncertainty in modern life and after covid. 

Considering this, and the outcomes of the Big Ask and Children’s Mental Health Services Reports from the Children’s Commissioner, its important they have access to therapeutic support in the community.

Within society we need more support for children  and young people to learn about working with the mind, especially to support their mental health and well being where they experience challenges managing stress, anxiety, depression and emotional difficulties.


We’re providing free mindful workshops and well-being support in the community where we are working with refugees and their support staff/ volunteer groups, deaf people and their advocates as well as local groups and families.

This project focusses on these groups because they are communities who are affected by inequality in provision of mental health support services. These groups are less able to access support, and more likely to experience challenges to well-being and mental health.

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