Our Past Projects...

We are incredibly passionate about sharing mindful practices with everyone who needs it; in particular with people and groups who may find it more challenging to access mental health and well-being support.

Below are some details on projects we have previously worked on to give you some insight into the Working with the Mind story.

Key Workers in Covid Project

We provided free mindful courses and online support for NHS and key workers during the pandemic to help deal with anxiety and stress.

During this unique period, stress, anxiety and depression had a significant impact on key workers who carried on working an providing support to communities throughout the pandemic.

Sheltered Housing Project

We provided free mindful well-being workshops and support via a programme in temporary accommodation for families and individuals who are homeless, to support with managing the difficulties of facing homelessness and the challenges surrounding this.

Displaced people are more likely to experience mental health illness and less likely to be able to access well-being support.

Mindfulness In Prison’s Project

We provided free, mindfulness-based, cognitive therapy for people working an living in the challenging environment of the prison system, to support mental health and well-being.

Prisons are environments full of people with little to no access to mental health support, and who often are living and working in some of the most challenging situations a person can find themselves in. People often have a history of difficult experiences to end up in prison, and a compassionate approach can make an enormous difference in this situation.


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