Mindfulness in prisons project

The Mindfulness in Prisons Project was developed to
contribute towards efforts establishing a prison-standard for the
use of mindfulness-based interventions within the Criminal Justice
System. The UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group
(MAPPG) produced the Mindful Nation UK Report in October 2015,
the first policy document seeking to address mental and physical
health concerns within the criminal justice system; through the
application of mindfulness-based interventions.

We used anonymised depression anxiety stress scale (DASS)
scores, in willing group participants before, and at the end of the

We also included a survey of participants at the end of their
programme, for more open-ended feedback and responses on how
they found the training, it’s effects and outcomes for them

We observed the same or lower indicators of depression, anxiety and stress in over 80% of those monitored

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